Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Common Multiples

Today in our morning class we learned about common multiples. First we practiced identifying multiples and played a game called Buzz, and then we attempted to solve our challenge problem:

A radio show is having a phone in contest. Every 3rd caller gets a t-shirt. Every 7th caller gets a baseball cap. In 50 callers, how many people would get both a t-shirt and a baseball cap?
We solved this problem in our vertical wall random groupings. Many students were able to find solutions to the problem by using a variety of strategies: number lines, use of multiples, listing numbers and circling multiples, and using division. We saw that while all the strategies worked, some were more accurate or more efficient than others.

We then discussed the concept of common multiples, and looked at a way to find common multiples easily. We will practice this a little more tomorrow for Bell Work.

Here is a link to our Blendspace unit that we will be using regularly to help reinforce concepts around whole numbers and place value. Boxes 10, 11 & 12 are all related to common multiples.

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