Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Learning about Decimals!

This week, we are beginning to learn about decimals. We have already learned about where decimals fit in our place value charts, and what a decimal is (another way to represent a fraction). We also have learned about comparing and ordering decimals. Below is a beginning Blendspace unit that covers the basics of decimals. It only shows decimals to the hundredths. In grade 6, we learn decimals up to the thousandths. This is a great place to start however, and reviewing this unit with your child can greatly assist them in developing their understanding of decimals.

In our unit on Decimals, we will be covering:

  • relationship between fractions and decimals
  • comparing and ordering decimals
  • rounding decimal numbers
  • adding and subtracting decimals
  • multiplying and dividing decimals
  • multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100, 100 and 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 (mental math)

Here is the link to the Blendspace unit on decimals. I will be adding to it as we go along:

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