Monday, 30 October 2017

BEDMAS and Report Writing

Today in Math we learned about the order of operations, which we can use to come to a consensus about a "correct" answer when doing multiple operations. Perhaps you remember BEDMAS from school? This is what we learned this week! 

First, we looked at a number sentence (eg. 9 + 3 x 6 - 4) and tried to come up with as many different answers as possible. We saw that there are lots of different answers we could potentially come up with using this number sentence. I explained that we need to have a way to solve number sentences with multiple operations so that everyone could get to the same answer. Hence - BEDMAS!

Exponents (which we do not study in grade 6)
Multiplication   ---> division and multiplication are done in the order they appear in the problem
Subtraction    ---> addition and subtraction are done in the order they appear in the problem.

Here are some videos that may help to explain this concept in more detail. 

TVO Kids Order of Operations

In Language, we are wrapping up our Analyzing Unit by doing some research about an animal we are interested in and writing a report. We are going to try to stick to the following schedule so that it is finished by Friday:

Monday - research & note-taking
Tuesday - Outlining
Wednesday - Rough Draft
Thursday - Editing
Friday - Final Drafts and submit. 

Here is the success criteria that we will be using for our own self-assessment, peer-editing and my own final marking. 

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